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Inversion Credit has helped thousands of clients restore their credit and rebuild their lives. Through applying expert knowledge, Inversion has successfully removed millions of inaccurate, questionable items from credit reports.**
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"As a Marine, integrity and honor have always been my first priority.
I brought the same idea into my company and I hold to that standard."

Christopher Robinson - CEO
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Free Credit Report Summary and Credit

Repair Consultation
Inversion Credit can help you understand what is on your credit report and also let you know how we can assist you in the credit restoration process. Our free consultation includes a review of your credit report and an overview of how we can help. Call us at 1-800-355-5670 today to get started.

Inversion Credit can help repair your bad credit.
Getting your finances in order after you have struggled with bad credit can be a difficult process. You can try to restore your credit on your own, but it is difficult and frustrating trying to get everything in order alone. Questions may arise such as, how can I obtain my credit report? What if there is something inaccurate on my report? How do I dispute inaccurate, old, or erroneous items on my report? How long will the process take? Do not let yourself get overwhelmed by all these questions. There are laws in place that you can use to your advantage. Knowing the law and your rights under that law is essential. Inversion Credit understands these laws and we know how to use them to help you restore your credit to where it needs to be.

Years of Credit Restoration Experience
At Inversion Credit, we pride ourselves on our work. You will always be provided with the highest level of customer service in the industry and the most determined team working on restoring your credit. We have helped thousands of clients restore their credit profile whether they are looking to get into homes, get auto loans, or simply get better rates and open up their financial options. We have a network of professionals that want to see you succeed and we work hard for you to make that happen.

Proven results
Our company has helped thousands of clients get millions of items removed. We have years of experience behind us, and we put that to work for you. Many of our clients see great results within the first three to four months. We recommend that our clients stay as long as possible to get the best results, and ultimately the best rates, available.


Mike S.

"My credit score went up from a 450 to a 680 in three months! Inversion Credit fixed my credit incredibly fast."
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Fast Results
Jay M.

"Inversion Credit managed to delete 4 items off of my credit report in the first 30 days!"
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I LOVE Inversion Credit!
Sue K.

"Not only was I educated on Inversion Cretit's process, I learned a lot about the credit bureu's methods. My score increased, and I was able to get into a home. All thanks to Inversion Credit. "
(Your results will vary)

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